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White Lion "Radiance" Bracelet


The Radiance bracelet is a symbol of truth, intention, peace and unity.

It was created with two visions in mind.

1. To capture the essence of the White Lions and their essential spirit message for Humanity.

2. To unite tribes of Lionhearted lightworkers and leaders who are holding the vision of Peace, Harmony and Balance.

#peaceispossible #iamlionhearted

The Radiance Bracelet symbolizes:

  • Awakening and empowering the solar feminine, in balance with the lunar feminine
  • Becoming strengthened in the light, removing doubt and moving thru the shadow with courage.
  • Becoming Radiantly embodied women of love, truth and power. No more dimming!
  • Embracing the call to be leaders in our own lives
  • Stepping forward as a Lionheart in action, serving Life and Creation.
  • the knowing that all we require is within.
  • embracing Truth as our Guiding light.

The Elements:

Faceted Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Shell, Fresh Water Pearl symbolizing Purity, Innocence, Spiral Path. The Solar Feminine, Third Chakra, Inner Sun, Crystal Clarity.

The Charms:

The White Lion brings Consciousness, Leadership, Truth, Justice, Peace.

The Ankh - breath of life, balance, energy, vitality. Feminine creation.


Lionhearted Woman, I honor the beauty and light within you as you awaken, embody and radiate your highest Creative Purpose as a New World Leader of Truth, Love and Peace.

$10 from every bracelet goes to Global White Lion Protection Trust for their incredible work in saving the white lions from extinction in the wild.

When Lionhearted People Unite, Peace IS Possible <3

**Prices are Canadian**

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