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White Lion Mala


“Who can tell what miracles Love has in store for us, if only we have the Courage to become One with it. ~ Sufi Poet Iqbal

By Honoring the deepest desires of the heart and walking though challenging times with courage, we step onto our highest creative path. As we rouse the Lionheart within, our hearts become inflamed with Love.

Created to unite Lionhearted People and support the White Lions of Timbavati. $25 from each White Lion mala sold will go directly to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in their heroic work; providing safe territories for White Lions to grow in numbers and live in the wild, once again.

White Lion's Spirit Wisdom brings both a warning and a message of hope. There are dire consequences if humans do not to shift consciousness yet if we choose, we can regain our place as Earth stewards, living in balance with Nature and at Peace with each other.

The White Lion Mala supports you with the qualities of:

    •    Peace
    •    Calm & Patience       
    •    Inspiration & Creativity
    •    Inner Gifts & Vision
    •    Confidence & Expression

Cream Matte Howlite - Calming to the mind, Howlite is supportive for anxiety and overactive minds, helping to release anger, pain and stress. Howlite stimulates the desire for knowledge, calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. Howlite aids the foundation aspects of the body; the bones, teeth and soft tissue by balancing calcium in the body.

Labradorite - Known as a Stone of Magic and Transformation, Labradorite is a companion stone for shaman and healers who embrace the universe, seeking knowledge & guidance. It is considered a powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, strengthening our energies from within, protecting the wearer from negativity and the misfortunes of the world; a clear ally, especially for those who are called into Leadership roles. Tempering the negative sides of the personality, Labradorite encourages intuition and psychic gifts while supporting the wearer with a balanced throat chakra to express what one thinks and feels.

Carnelian - A stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. Carnelian is known as the "Singer's Stone," believed to help timid speakers become eloquent & bold, thus, is a powerful supporting stone for the energetic "architects and builders" who are called to express their creativity and inner gifts. Carnelian is a full life force stone, stimulating the blood and metabolism, helping to release anger and jealousy, fear of death, restoring vitality and anchoring the present moment so that one can "go with the flow" while also being inspire to take action on one's dreams.

Plant Spirit Medicine: When I shared this mala with my good friend from the Wildcraft Forest, he immediately responded with: "Its a snow berry and rose hip mala!"


We explored these plants in detail, and discovered some amazing links to the core intention of the White Lion mala.

Snow Berries heavily populate the northern hemisphere and they have no "predator" as their berries are mildly poisonous. Because the little white berries are left alone by bear and other large animals, they ferment on the plant and become an essential nutrient source in the winter for songbirds! Many Indigenous people refer to the Snow Berry plant as the "Ghost Berry" and may have used the berries carefully to initiate a deeper connection with the ancestors. When I heard this, I immediately thought of the White Lions and how they are Apex Predators in the wild, their royal role as King of Beasts supports a whole hierarchy of balance in Nature. Unfortunately, Lions have an unnatural predator - humans ruled by greed and disrespect. Man's disregard for Lions creates a ripple effect into the ecosystem. Like the Snow Berry, a lion's true place is to be without a predator so that the song of natural balance and harmony can be heard through the land. Just as Creamy Howlite is said to support the foundation aspects in our physical body (white bones and teeth) and spiritual body (peace and calm); living in peace and harmony is our true heart's foundation - our right place and role on Earth.

Rose Hips Rose Hips are the fruit of the Wild Rose, one of the most nutrient packed fruits of any plant with massive potential to positively affect our health by addressing nearly every system in the body and without any known contraindications! Isn't it interesting that the Rose is synonymous with Love, the only true remedy for a hurting world without any side affects.  White Lion Wisdom teaches us about our highest potential, of a higher consciousness rooted in Love and becoming Lionhearted creative leaders and stewards of Mother Earth. Carnelian is said to help the wearer release rage, anger, and resentment - opening the pathways to receive Love and become truly Lionhearted!

Bead Size & Length:

Each bead is painstakingly "double knotted" to provide a beautiful effect for the gold colored knotting cord. Created as a traditional Japa Mala with 108 - 8mm Howlite beads plus 3 - 6mm carnelian marker beads placed at the 27th mantra points.  6mm Labradorite finishing beads hold the MiKA Lion charm.

Hangs approx 23.5" from nape of neck to tip of charm.

*Due to the uniqueness of nature's creations, there are slight variances in all gemstones. Every effort will be made to create a mala that reflects the image shown. With these natural variations, you will be wearing a mala that is truly unique; made just for you.

I hand-knot all the malas personally, in bright daylight, with love and intention. Please allow 3-5 business days for your mala to be made and shipped.

* Prices reflect CDN dollars

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