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Self Mastery Mala


This mala will support you in becoming deeply grounded and aligned. The smokey quartz is known as the Stone of Power. It relieves tension, anxiety, stress and negativity allowing the wearer to attune to the light and move into deeply meditative states to Know Thy Self. Physically, it is said to be beneficial in counteracting the negative effects of too much radioactive/emf/ exposure including medical cancer treatments. Black onyx supports decision making, self control, intuition while also being protective and “cooling” to excess fire. It is strong and stable. Sandalwood is very calming, promoting deep relaxation while also stimulating balanced energy and positivity.

The Mastery is knotted with a deep earthy chocolate brown thread and finished with an African Turquoise (a type of Jasper), known as the Stone of Evolution. African Turquoise is said to bring about positive change in oneself, new beginnings, new embodiment, awakening the wearer to their souls purpose. . .

I feel this mala is lovely for a man, and also for a feminine woman who is feeling called to raise her inner masculine energies so that she can be more confidently self expressed and creative.

**Prices on this website are in CDN**

About the White Lion Leadership cards:

I purchased the deck while in South Africa while at the White Lion Trust. It is BEAUTIFUL. The medicine in each card offers basic guidance and guidance for the Lion Shaman Warrior.

If you feel called to have a set of your own, please visit the UK shop…/sh…/white-lion-leadership-cards/

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