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"The Mother"


"The Mother" mala is a symbol of our human nature coming into harmony with the deeper harmony of Life. It is inspired by my recent journey in Mother Africa on a magical White Lion Shamanic Journey.

The Mother expresses unconditional love, creative life force energy, ancient wisdom and guidance from the ancestors. She is a mala of gentleness, grace, nurturing, balance, patience, wisdom, strength, courage, and Unity.

The Mother continuously calls to us, reminding us that only Unconditional Love has the power to carry us though the great reconciliation of light and dark within ourselves, first and foremost. It is the Mother that lovingly leads us into the belly of the shadow and into the essential initiation of Sacred Heartbreak. She returns over and over, leading us out of the safety of our spiritual cocoons and blows on our new wings, drying them so that the wind can carry us to new lands within ourselves and in Service to Creation. She radiates behind the eyes of all who know and treasure her. When no mind, no time, no identity can carry us any longer, she is the one who sustains us through the canal of our greatest Birth into Being.

The Mother mala is an offering to the Harmony of life that defies words and leaves us humbled in her Beauty.

You are that Beauty.

She is a reminder that when Love awakens,
there is no turning back, until ALL is loved.

Healing gemstones: mother of pearl, fresh water pearl, garnet and sandalwood.

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