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Strength & Purpose Mala

Strength & Purpose Mala


The Strength & Purpose Mala - Supporting you to Soar like an Eagle

This is a powerful mala. Very grounding. It might seem like a contradiction to get grounded to Soar. Think of a tree and how the roots must become very deep so that it can grow and extend itself high into the sky, where we can view everything from a more expanded perspective.

This mala supports the rooting of your energies. The dedication, clarity, focus, inner strength it takes not to get "unrooted" by the winds of change while still delighting in the wind itself!

It has been a wonderful energy to work with, and feels supportive to the energies of this time, especially for those seeking greater support in staying true to their path, saying focused, leading with their heart and inner knowing, and being the eye of any “storms” that might arise in one’s life.

Onyx is said to dispel negative energy, including energy that is directed at you. It fortifies self confidence and responsibility so that you can stay focused on your purpose.

Larvikite supports all levels of psychic opening and is helpful in reading between the lines to foster better understanding and communication.

Tourmalated quartz is an excellent protective stone, and brings balance and inner strength. It deflects and grounds negativity, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.

Hematite is known as the Stone of the Mind and is said to enhance concentration and focus.

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer stone, amplifying the effect of the other stones in the mala, as well, the luminous quality of the faceted quartz creates a field of protective ions, dispelling stress. Considered to be the supreme gift from Mother Earth, Clear Quartz opens the mind to higher guidance and is supportive in stating clear intentions and prayer.

Hand knotted with gorgeous silver cord, this mala is luxurious and very silky & supple to hold. Finished with a beautiful silk tassel and the MiKA lion at the front and elegant finishing beads at the nape of the neck.


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