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Self Mastery Mala - Turquoise


So thrilled with the energies on this rework of the original "unisex" Self Mastery mala design. I wanted to bring a more feminine, joyful energy as well as infuse even more Mastery energies through the awesome vibration of genuine Turquoise.

The Self Mastery mala is created to support you in becoming deeply grounded and aligned. Medicine for our times!

The smokey quartz is known as the Stone of Power. It relieves tension, anxiety, stress and negativity allowing the wearer to attune to the light and move into deeply meditative states to Know Thy Self. Physically, it is said to be beneficial in counteracting the negative effects of too much radioactive/emf/ exposure including medical cancer treatments.

Black onyx supports decision making, self control, intuition while also being protective and “cooling” to excess fire. It is strong and stable.

Sandalwood is very calming, promoting deep relaxation while also stimulating balanced energy and positivity.

Turquoise has been regarded as a powerful mastery stone for thousands of years, a talisman of warriors, shaman and sages. Highly protective, bringing good fortune and joy to the wearer, it is strengthening physically, emotionally healing, spiritually connecting as a bridge between worlds as well as helping to unify masculine and feminine energies.

Knotted with a light teal cord and finished with a beautiful genuine Turquoise guru bead, a silky luxurious tassel with an elegant feature at the nape of the neck with the MiKA Lion charm.

**Prices on this website are in CDN**

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