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Recovery Mala


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) is an incredible gemstone and one that every woman should carry with her. It is impossible for me to fully describe the benefits so I will touch on the main ones here. Needless to say, this stone is a powerful aid, considered to be a talisman of love.

  • I have created this mala to support deep heart healing, especially around loss, trauma and abuse where there are heart scars, tears and walls. This mala will aid in the gentle release of deeply imbedded wounds, grief and sadness, sometimes this is carried ancestrally, and thus offers a purification of the family lineage.

    It truly is all about the Heart. 💕

  • Overall it is considered to have a vibrant energy, very much heart based, stimulating positive feelings and happiness.

    Faceted Ruby Zoisite

    Physically, it is said to be a powerful stone for healing the body; supportive to those with adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, and lethargy stimulating the immune response. Because of the red, it is considered to be a bloodstone, helping with heart related problems. A powerful root stone, it is beneficial in the balancing of ones sexual energy, healing all types blockage and dysfunction. As a heart stone it brings calm to the nervous system, diminishes feared is even helpful with hyperactive children.
    Emotionally - said to be supportive for lifting depression and healing abuse and trauma in this life or in past lives, helping impart a loving attitude towards oneself. It is helpful for the grieving process, releasing sorrow and pain and guiding one to the miracles and gifts of life. It instigates compassion, gentleness, endurance, and fosters a sense of belonging. Connected to the energies of Passion and Patience, also the number 2, it is helpful for drawing up negativity for transmutation and “imparts the military capability to rise from persecution and come up from the feeling of anguish, stress and advances a positive and a more courageous state of intellect. It brings out the protective aspects and protects those with sensitive natures and distorted views of themselves or others. It is a powerful stone for developing a loving attitude towards oneself.”

    Spiritually - said to bring light to the dark aspects of ones lifetime, encouraging one to follow their bliss. It gives strength to stressed relationship and transforms intent into physical manifestation by growing a call to action and excitement by enhancing the spiritual energy of the wearer.

  • The red color of Ruby increases the energy of the King, one of devotion, the free enhances the ability to HOLD greater amounts of spiritual energy, together, this stone is a phenomenal healer.

    Heart Chakra - Zuby Zoisite enters energies at the heart, along with the crown chakra (and root). “It regulates the interaction of an individual with the external world and controls what the wearer embrace. It gives the power to balance in opposing situations and stay controlled in the relationships.” It helps one understand ones needs and emotions clearly and is supportive in not becoming unhinged by emotional setbacks while helping wearing to deeply accept the process of moving though dark days. It has a propensity to bring the heart into cooperation with the mind and expands the wearer’s search for wholeness by keeping him cantered in compassionate humanity.

    “Ruby Zoisite opens the gateway to expanding the universe beyond the one’s body and control the thoughts and the way one respond back to the world, by stimulating the crown chakra.”

    Faceted Onxy - Onxy is the most ancient stone. Sometimes we must separate in order to come back together. Onxy is helpful in this process, helping to release emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships and protect you against negative energy, including energy directed towards you. It is a protective stone. It is said to help strengthen confidence, make decisions and integrate dualities within the self, so that we "come together again."

    Rose Quartz -
    There is no stone more perfect to be with Ruby Zoisiste than Rose Quartz. Regarded as the master heart healer, holding the energies of forgiveness, compassion, gentleness, intuition, peace, nourishment and comfort. It is helpful in dissolving wounds, fears and resentments.

    Finer Details:

    Adorned with an Onyx Guru Bead and Hill Tribe Silver Spacers and a tiny Heart charm.

    Hill Tribe Silver is created by hand in Thailand. These beads have a higher purity than 92.5% sterling silver. Because Hill Tribes Silver has a 95-99% purity, these products have a brighter color, and they won't tarnish as readily as sterling silver.

    Size & Fit: Made with 108 grade A or higher gemstones. Partially hand knotted. Deluxe "Silky" Nylon tassel. Hangs approx 23"

    *Due to the uniqueness and beauty of working with nature's creations, there are slight variances in all gemstones. Every effort will be made to create a mala that reflects the image shown. With these natural variations, you will be wearing a mala that is truly made for you.

    I hand-knot all the malas personally, in bright daylight, with love and intention. Please allow up to 7 business days for your mala to be made and shipped.

    * Prices reflect CDN dollars

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