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Nurture Mala


Nurture mala is all about LOVE. It purifies gently, with Love as the guiding force, healing emotional scars, releasing fears, growing compassion, and reclaiming all parts of yourself while emphasizing the importance of how we are treating our own body, observing the mind and emotional body from a new place of self love and acceptance.

Knotted with dark chocolate thread against the following stones gives it a deeply rich, earthy, grounded, beautiful goddess vibe.

Aqua Terra Jasper - Known at the “Supreme Nurturer” stone! Wholeness, expansion, alignment, clarity, inner peace, love compassion. Aligns physical and light body.

Rhodonite - Known as the "Emotional First Aid" stone. Nurturing the inner self. Inner gifts, reconciliation, release of anger, self destructive tendencies, forgiveness, potential, cooperation, generosity.

Rose Quartz - Universal unconditional love, self love, self acceptance, opens, deep inner healing peace.

Smokey Quartz - Known as the “ Stone of Power” it cleanses and clears the energy field, grounding the spiritual physical body to earth, releasing “dark” to earth, shielding against environmental toxins and negative thought projections.

This is a beautiful mala for pregnancy, motherhood and women committed to honoring themselves by deepening in self love and self acceptance.

**Prices are in CDN dollars**

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