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Inner Fire Mala


Unisex design, hand knotted in gold colored knotting cord and wrapped in a handmade tassel.

Red Jasper - Supportive for physical strength, energy, stamina, endurance and said to increase the amount of CHI in one’s aura. Powerful stone for those who work with Earth energies, grids and ley lines.

Zebra Stone - Supportive in helping one solve problems, courage, determination, motivation and energy to see things through. Supports healthy libido in both men and women, including erectile dysfunction in men.

Lava - Offers stability in times of change. Very grounding, deepens connection to Earth, diffuses anger, calming, receiving guidance and understanding.

Tiger Eye Guru Bead - Protective stone, offering good luck, strength and grounding. The “all seeing all knowing eye” is said to support the wearer to observe everything bringing sharpness to ones inner vision. It is said to teach balance between extremes, moving one out of the world of duality, revealing the underlying Unity.

The antique finish MiKA Lion charm attached at the tassel.

*Prices in Canadian Dollars*

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