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Evolution Mala - African Turquoise

Evolution Mala - African Turquoise


The Evolution Mala supports you in all aspects of personal growth, development and change. African turquoise carries the energy that feels as though Creation is handing over the keys to a brighter more inspired life, opening your soul to its divine purpose and helping you to bring more structure, balance, and prosperity into your life. With this mala, enter the gateway to new experiences, realizations and wisdom! The guru seed is a 5 mukhi rudraksha symbolizing spiritual and mental growth, health, wealth and prosperity.

Choose Your Evolution Mala:

Left - (Effective Communicator) African turquoise with turquoise howlite & sandalwood feature beads, knotted with red cord.
Middle - (Ancient Wisdom) African turquoise with Verdite & Sandalwood features knotted with golden yellow cord.
Right - (Spiritual Balance) African Turquoise with Sandalwood features knotted with purple knotting cord.

As an Evolutionary,

I understand that in developing and improving of myself, I am developing and improving of ALL. I understand that I AM the Light and that I serve the Universe and the Universe Serves Me.


I am open and willing to receive new ideas, new possibilities and a new existence that is harmonious to all aspects of my Being.

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